From Snsem2376 (Oct. 28, 2014)


Relationship: Client
Project Date: June 2014
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999

Craig did a fabulous job. He helped us design the cabinets, pick the wood and stain, recommend unique lighting and special features, and installation. He was also very patient with and receptive to changes and working through emerging ideas.

We live in Connecticut but used Craig in Albuquerque because we are familiar with work. Craig and I sat in the room we remodeled and drew plans, discussed alternatives, and worked out some great custom features. We included his and her desks, an entertainment center, three closets, a sewing center, carved posts and really cool crown molding and base boards. Craig built and pre-assembled the project in his shop in Albuquerque then arranged shipping to Connecticut. The installation went really well because Craig had packed several spare parts and trim pieces to give the installers options when working around heating, windows, doors, and lighting.

Highly recommend Craig for high quality cabinets and complex jobs. I’m confident that he can build to any cabinet requirement.





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