Let’s Get Started!


Do you love sleek, uncluttered lines and industrial finishes? Or do your tastes run to the traditional richness of natural wood jazzed up with fluted columns or turned legs? Maybe you love the unaffected rugged look so comfortable to New Mexicans but seasoned with a turn-up-the-heat red, glazed island. Creativity in the kitchen begins with the creativity of the kitchen itself. This heart-of-the-home room is the place where families rejoin, refresh and refuel. Your kitchen vision may be the culmination of years of pictures torn from magazines, sketches drawn on napkins, or maybe just a kitchen wish list. Whether building your dream house and dream kitchen or remodeling your existing home, I will work with you to bring  your vision to reality. THE VISION BASICS

  • Timing. Work backwards from your desired completion date. Generally, you can expect a turn-around date of six to eight weeks (depending on the scope of the work) following a signed contract.
  • Determine your budget.  Just as you would consider your resources before setting out to shop for a vehicle (economy or luxury?), this is a realistic first step in approaching your kitchen design decisions as well.
  • Style. The fun begins when you decide on a basic style. If you’re not sure which direction to go, schedule an appointment for a personal consultation in your home, or in my studio. If you come to the studio, you will have access to my photo gallery of previous works. Seeing other kitchens can often jumpstart the creative juices. While you’re there, I’ll show you a variety of wood types, doors styles, construction methods, finishing options, and hardware ideas.
  • Wood works. Concern for the environment is an on-going mission throughout the design of your home and the quality and construction materials of your cabinets. An optimum-functioning space kitchen is eco-friendliness at its best.
  • Speaking of green… when your deposit is received, your job immediately moves from the “Pending” file to the “Get-It-Going” file. The materials are purchased, and your job is immediately placed on the schedule to assure your cabinets are ready when you’re ready for them. A delay on the front end, is much more critical on the finishing end.


  • There are layers of decisions to make when designing your cabinets. You have a look in mind for your room: contemporary, traditional, European, Old world, or Southwestern…. You may want the upper and lowers all one color, or a combination of colors. Maybe you prefer a glazed or painted finish—there are myriad choices: And that’s just the outside.
  • The importance of what lies beyond the cabinet doors can’t be overstated. Do you want top-of-the-line drawer tracks and hinges? Perhaps you’d like self-closing, dovetailed drawers, roll-outs, or cabinet organizers? Would you like wood or laminate interiors? There’s no right or wrong, but each decision is important and reflected in cost and function.


  • Your cabinets are made, wrapped in a protective shrink-wrap and on the way to your home or job site. Once again, this is where my personal oversight is important. A professional installation with the kitchen designer overseeing the process is crucial to the finished look.